Door Security System For

Instant Protection From

Intruders & Burglars

Over 200,000+ Units Sold!

  • Protection
  • Safety
  • Peace of Mind

Door Security System For

Instant Protection From

Intruders & Burglars

  • Protection
  • Safety
  • Peace of Mind

The #1 rated line of defense protecting you day & night

  • Withstands Up To 2,000lbs of Force
  • Easily Installed in 5-10 Minutes
  • Slim Profile Blends in Perfectly
  • Trusted By U.S Embassies Worldwide
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The #1 rated line of defense protecting you day & night

  • Withstands Up To 2,000lbs of Force
  • Easily Installed in 5-10 Minutes
  • Fits All Standard Door Sizes
  • Trusted by U.S. Embassies & Law Enforcement Worldwide

Instantly Protects You From The #1 Way Burglars Enter Your Home – Your Doors!

Front Door
Back Door
Side Door
Garage Home Door

"With neighborhood crime rates exploding in areas we least expected, we're always recommending that you do not rely on just your alarm, dog, or gun - most break-ins occur when you're not home and our average police response time to an alarm is 20 minutes."

Sgt. Aaron M. Colorado

Is Growing Neighborhood Crime

Keeping You From Feeling Safe At Home?

Burglars are after a quick score with your jewelry, electronics and other valuables.

Some of the most eye-opening stats include:

Break-Ins Are Frequent

Every 22.6 seconds a home in the U.S. is broken into

Break-Ins Are Easy

70% of criminals break-in through the front or back door

Break-Ins Are Costly

The average value lost per burglary is $2,416

Door Devil® Door Defense System offers a

  • Simple
  • Easy to Use
  • Dependable
  • Affordable

way to defend your home!

Over 200,000+ Units Sold

Why Protect Your Door?

Plain and simple – Both your door and door frame are made out of wood. The small metal hardware included standard with doors cannot withstands more than 200-300 pounds of force.

When someone attempts to break down your door, the deadbolt acts as a lever, causing intense stress to the wood of both door and frame until there is an inevitable split.

At this point, either your door, your frame – or both – will undergo permanent damage and the intruder will have access to your home.

How Does Door Devil® Work?

We spent the last decade perfecting our patented, 3-part Barricade+ Technology to deliver the ultimate fortified defense for your doors in a compact, discrete, and easy-to-install system.

1Striker Plate

Fortifies the weakest point of the doorway, preventing the doorframe from being blown out.

2Door Plate

Reinforces the deadbolt & door latch, preventing the door from splitting or spreading.

3Hinge Plate

Protects the primary door hinge, preventing the screws from being torn out.

* Installation hardware is included with purchase

Over 200,000+ Units Sold

Why Choose Door Devil®?

Put Your Mind At Ease Today!

#1 Most Effective Defense

Keeps burglars out better than alarms, dogs or weapons

Quick & Easy Installation

Simply installs in under 10 minutes - 100% by yourself

Smaller, Thinner, Stronger

10X your door strength without sacrificing style

Our Unique Features

Patented Barricade+ Technology

Geometric design ensures door & frame stand up to the toughest intruders

Premium-Grade Alloy Steel

The finest materials ensure long lasting protection

Easy Installation = You Won't Even Need A Hand

A smarter system + 3M sticky tape guides make install a breeze

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100-Day Money Back Guarantee

Hassle-free, your satisfaction comes first

We Have Reviews

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Over 200,000+ Units Sold

Door Devil® Defense

Read Real Police Reviews

"...When we arrived, the door was still secure and he was unable to make entry..."


Sgt. Jason T.

"...the suspect kicked with a great amount of force but was unable to defeat the Door Devil..."


Ofc. Mark C
New York

"...No entry or loss of property. I paid for peace of mind, and that is what I received..."


Ofc. Jessie E.

"...After seeing the success of Door Devil, I purchased one for my home."


Lt. Clark S.

Over 200,000+ Units Sold

See The Difference For Yourself

Door Devil® vs. Competitors

Best Value
Easiest Installation
Withstands up to 2000lbs
100 Day Guarantee
Police Tested & Recommended
Used by U.S. Embassies
Fits All Standard Doors
Least Intrusive Design

Over 200,000+ Units Sold

From Our Customers


“Installed Door Devil on Saturday on a new door after a break-in at my store. Arrived today to a huge shoe print and dent in the door… But they didn’t get in. 5 stars for Door Devil!”

Brandon N.


“I give this company and the product AAA+ rating. My entry doors are protected by a great product and the company provides excellent customer service, this is a win, win in my book. I look forward to purchasing more of this product for gifts for my family and friends.”

John C.


“Door Devil is so easy to install. I have peace of mind that my family is safe and secure! I LOVE it and recommend to all my family and friends!!”

Clarice E.

North Carolina

Not all houses are protected equally.

Alarm and video systems don’t stop criminals from breaking in.

Will Door Devil® Fit My Door?

Over 200,000+ Units Sold

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